A Ray of Hope !
January 6, 2021
A House to live in!
January 6, 2021

Shalu is a widow, whose husband died three months ago. She resides in a village name Berla which is situated in Alwar (Rajasthan). She leads a lonely life and her miseries make it more difficult for her to survive. Therefore, she was the victim in the hands of both destiny and people. After her husband’s death, she was struggling to apply for widow pension and as she did not receive her husband’s death certificate; she was unable to apply for the pension.  Shalu went to all the officials but was in vain. At last, she lost all her hopes.

One day, Soochnapreneur Sangita was on her field visit. While visiting door to door, Sangita met Shalu. She briefed Shalu about her work. Shalu was still unaware of the fact that Sangita came as an angel in disguise for her but by believing in Sangita, shalu started narrating her story. Sangita decided to help Shalu in getting her certificate as well as pension after listening to her story.  Sangita collected all the required documents from Shalu and went to Panchayat secretary. The secretary misbehaved with her but Sangita did not step back. She threatened the secretary and showed all the documents to him. At last, the secretary had to listen to her and start processing Shalu’s certificate. Within a month, Shalu received her husband’s death certificate and also applied for the widow pension.

Shalu really felt blessed and was thankful to Sangita for helping her and being selfless.

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