Bhura’s Pension
January 6, 2021
The Only support…
January 6, 2021

Madan Shah is a poor man who lives in a village named Phugnahata Bhawal situated in Ramnagar block of West Champaran. He has three sons and all are married. After marriage, his sons live separately; therefore he lives only with his wife. In the last two years, he was facing a major problem that is his pension, the only source of his income. In the last two years, Madan every day used to visit the Panchayat ward to inquire about the problem but nobody listened to him.

One day, Soochnapreneur Manish Kumar was mobilizing the people regarding the schemes through MeraApp. There, Madan also joined the conversation and narrated about his problem. Manish Kumar without any delay submitted his application regarding the pension in Bihar Lok Shikayat Karyalaya. The Karyalaya called Madan Shah for the hearings. Madan followed the advice of soochnapreneur Manish Kumar and in no time, Madan started receiving his pension again which made him a happy man again.

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