Maina Devi
January 6, 2021
Entrepreneur Sonam!
January 6, 2021

Monika Tirkey lives in Sarnatoli village of Mander block in Ranchi. She lives with her family. Her husband is a daily wage labourer and she also has 3 kids studying in school. Her husband is the breadwinner of the family but his wages were not enough for their survival. Therefore, Monika wanted to be a helping hand for his husband. So, she tried to avail the benefits of the government schemes but was unable to apply for the schemes as they did not have a PAN card. Monika applied for the PAN card twice but nothing happened. She was really upset about the fact.

Once after knowing about the Soochna seva centre and soochnapreneur, Monika visited the centre to apply for the PAN card. She angrily narrated her problem to the soochnapreneur. Soochnapreneur, Tausif immediately filled the form for the PAN card and submitted it online. In a month’s time, Monika Tirkey received the Pan card. She visited the centre again but happily and thanked the soochnapreneur for his efficient service.

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