Mukhyamantri Saath Nishchay
January 6, 2021
Monika’s Struggle
January 6, 2021

Maina Devi lives in Nangli Jhamavat with her family. She belongs to a very poor family. She was eligible to get ration but she faced a major problem in getting it. The ration dealer of her area always refused her to give ration. Every time, Maina Devi used to plead in front but he used to tell her that her name has not yet been registered. Maina Devi was worried about the fact and was clueless about the next step.

One day, soochnapreneur Sapna visited Maina Devi’s house to orient her regarding the schemes. Maina Devi then shared her problem with the soochnapreneur Sapna. Sapna immediately inquired about her ration status on her tablet. After enquiring, Sapna informed Maina Devi that she is eligible to get the ration from past 5 months. Sapna immediately took Maina Devi to the ration dealer. Sapna showed him Maina Devi’s ration status on the tablet. Finally, ration dealer agreed to provide the ration to Maina and he even compensated her the 5 months which she didn’t receive. Maina Devi was very happy that her problem was solved.

Now, every month Maina Devi receives her ration due to which her expenditure on food items have reduced and she is able to save a lot of money.

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