Monika’s Struggle
January 6, 2021
A Ray of Hope !
January 6, 2021

Sonam Yadav, a member of self-help group was an ambitious lady who always wanted to be financially independent and wanted to support her family in every possible way.

One day, the soochnapreneur Shyam Prakash Ojha met Sonam during his field visit. While interacting with him, Sonam narrated her story and also asked for the help. Shyam Prakash then gave her information about the loan facility which she can avail from the savings she has done under self-help groups. Shyam Prakash helped Sonam in getting the loan with the help of the money she saved and in no time with that money Sonam Yadav bought a buffalo and started her dairy business.

Sonam Yadav thanked the soochnapreneur for helping in fulfilling her dreams because of which now she can be financially independent and also support her husband.

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