Apply for SoochnaPreneur Franchisee



  • Applications are invited from rural youths / young entrepreneurs to apply for SoochnaPreneur registration as a rural information entrepreneur.
  • Applications invited from one applicant / group of 2 or 4 applicants who wants to take up SoochnaPreneur registration, set up and run Soochna Seva Kendras (Information Service Centres).


  • Any youth in the age group of 18-35 years can apply to become a SoochnaPreneur.
  • An existing youth entrepreneur is an added advantage.
  • Youth who is minimum 10th class pass out, and preferably 12th
  • He/she should be from the local area/community.
  • Should have working knowledge of using computers, android tablets and mobile phones
  • Should have good communication skills especially in dealing with the community and understanding their needs.
  • Should be adaptable in different conditions and environment.
  • Should be willing to take challenges.
  • The candidate having experience in similar field will be preferred.
  • Young entrepreneurial women will be given preference.
  • SCs & STs and SHG members are encouraged to apply.
  • CBO/Local level NGOS are eligible to apply.


  • The franchise fee is INR. 500/- per candidate (Bank- ICICI, A/c No. 017701009360, Account Holder Name- Digital Empowerment Foundation, IFSC Code- ICIC0000224;

Branch Name-Panchsheel Park, New Delhi). This can be submitted in Demand Draft in favour of ‘Digital Empowerment Foundation’, payable at New Delhi, along with the application form.

  • Once selected as SoochnaPreneur, an agreement will be signed between the two parties i.e. Digital Empowerment Foundation and the SoochnaPreneur.
  • The Agreement shall be purely on contractual basis (renewed every year).
  • The Agreement shall be valid for one year and will be reviewed after satisfactory performance.
  • The agreement shall be based on shared profits partnership model.
  • The issue of these guidelines does not imply that DEF is bound to select the applicant. DEF reserves the right to accept/reject any or all the applications submitted in response to the document at any stage without assigning any reasons whatsoever.
  • DEF’s decision will be final and no explanation or justification for any aspect of the selection process shall be given.
  • Selected SoochnaPreneurs will provide physical space in a suitable location to open and run the Soochna Seva Kendra (this is mandatory).


  • SoochnaPreneurs have to follow the rules of operation and management as provided by the Franchiser (Digital Empowerment Foundation).
  • SoochnaPreneur is always welcome to introduce innovations but with the prior approval of the organisation.
  • Selected youths and entrepreneurs will undergo regular trainings.
  • The selected candidates will be solely responsible for the safety and security of assets given by the organisation.
  • Each SoochaPreneur must maintain its book of accounts well and is expected to be accountable and transparent in maintaining the revenue and expense details.
  • He/she will always be a representative of Digital Empowerment Foundation and shall be used the logo in each of its visibility actions.
  • The rules and regulations defined by DEF for SoochnaPreneur program would be final and mandatory to follow for each selected soochnapreneur


  • A filled in detailed copy of application form.
  • Application copy must be attached with the Proof of payment done in the mentioned bank account.
  • Any of the two identity cards (Aadhar Card, Voter ID card, PAN Card, 10th class certificate).
  • 2 Passport size photos.
  • 1 Proof of residential address.


I. The Model

The partnership model is based on the agreement signed between the two parties

Duration: 2 years (will be reviewed after one year)

Support from the Franchiser Organisation (DEF):

  1. Assets: 1 Tablet cum Mobile, 1 Laptop, 1 Printer cum Scanner, 1 Photo Camera and SD Card/Pan Drive
  2. Stipend: INR 2000/- for first three months only
  3. Others: This also includes the initial set-up cost to purchase the furniture, internet services, support materials (collaterals) organizing visibility events at village/block/district as well as repairing cost of the equipment’s. Please note that equipment’s will be given after the 3 months.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Every 3 months by DEF members

Charges for each service: Price list of services as decided by the Franchiser (DEF)


  • For first six months, there shall be no sharing of income.
  • After the completion of 6 months the SoochnaPreneur will be paying the organization 30 % of the total revenue earned by the SoochnaPreneur.

II. Roles and Responsibilities of a SoochnaPreneur:

  • Deliver digital services in his concerned block level Soochna Seva Kendras (info centres), equipped with supporting ICT devices (printer, scanner, photocopier, laminators, binders).
  • Deliver information, services and entitlements in 6 sectors including education and health.
  • Responsible for maintaining standardisation and uniformity in the business model.
  • Communicating needs, concerns and problems with the organisation is essential to fulfilling a role as a social entrepreneur.
  • The candidate is required regular profit and expense reporting in the format given by the organisation. It may further implement new rules, such as changes in pricing of final or raw materials.
  • The brand should be reflected in every aspect of the program.
  • Responsible to take risk and challenges.
  • Maintain the list of beneficiaries and services provided to them in an MIS provided by DEF.

III. The Target

  • SoochnaPreneur/s running a Soochna Seva Kendra in a block shall serve approx. 10000 families / 20000 individual beneficiaries in 2 years (2016-2018) with government schemes information and entitlements and deliver other digital services.
  • SoochnaPreneur/s running a Soochna Seva Kendra in a block shall earn approx. Rs. 7000 – 15000 per month at the end of 1 year as per guidance and supervision of the Block and District Manager.

IV. Reporting

  • SoochnaPreneur/s will submit monthly report about their activities in given template to the District / State manager of DEF.
  • They shall report to the District / State Manager time to time.

V. Support to be Provided by DEF

DEF will provide the following support to SoochnaPreneurs time to time:

  1. One time support for hardware and equipment to start and run Soochna Seva Kendra (SSK);
  2. Training and skill development support to SoochnaPreneurs;
  3. Increase the information and services basket, List of services are mentioned on the website;
  4. Partnership and networking support;
  5. Community mobilisation and marketing support;
  6. Regular guidance and supervision support;
  7. Training courses and programmes.

VI. Partnership Termination

DEF will terminate the partnership agreement with SoochnaPreneurs if they cannot fulfil or meet the following terms:

  1. Cannot provide space to run the centres.
  2. Centres running loss for more than 6 months.
  3. Unprofessional attitude and behaviour of the SoochnaPreneurs.
  4. Lack of transparency and accountability and report of bad practices by the SoochnaPreneurs (example, charging extraordinary services from citizens beyond the stated rate as provided by DEF).
  5. Any such negative activities by SoochnaPreneurs which are against the terms and conditions of the agreement.