Anarul Khan
January 6, 2021
Bhura’s Pension
January 6, 2021

Name of the Beneficiary: Amresh Giri

Place: Ghodawat village, West Champaran (Bihar)

Scheme Availed: Disability Certificate

Name of the Soochnapreneur: Saheb Kumar

Problem:  Amresh Giri belongs to a very poor family but he was fond of driving. He used to borrow tractors from his friends and used to drive it. A long time ago, before his marriage, all of them decided to go to Punjab. Amresh was travelling by train but that train journey became the biggest nightmare of his life as he met with an accident due to which he fractured his legs very badly. His marriage was also been broken.

Solution: One day, Soochnapreneur Saheb Kumar met Amresh during the field visit. At that time Amresh was recovering from his injury but seeing his condition Saheb informed him about disability certificate and its benefits. He then registered Amresh’s name through MeraApp for the Disability certificate and in no time, Amresh received his disability certificate.

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