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About Mera App

In India, rural beneficiaries need policies, entitlements and community capacity building support to enable their effective participation in decision-making and implementation of sustainable rural development. The need of the hour is gender-sensitive policies and targeted programmes for vulnerable section of society, especially landless, BPL population and persons with disabilities to enhance their livelihoods and environmental sustainability. Mera app is a mix of cutting edge technology and catalog of welfare schemes coupled with comprehensive information on entitlements for every section of society. The app smoothly runs on both online and offline mode on android based mobile phone. Its design is extremely user friendly and can be easily downloadable on mobile platform.


The app connects the rural population to the popular government schemes and empowers them to access their rights and benefits. The app has its own mind and once beneficiary enters its socioeconomic details, the app analyses the information and pitch various schemes available in a particular state. It reflects data related to schemes –benefits, timeline, eligibility, prerequisite identity documents, age limit- including the entire application process to access the entitlements. One of the highlights of application is that beneficiaries can easily lodge their grievance on government portals through it and even track the status of the complaint.


Mera app is medium to get one step closer to the last mile beneficiary and reduce rural poverty. The application is designed to increase and improve the access, delivery and quality of public schemes and services aimed at social and financial exclusion, mainly by bridging the gap between community rights and entitlements and state responsiveness to them successfully through timely information and channels.

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